Nutrient Rich Food for a Healthy and Happy Lifestyle

Dried Fruits

Sour Cherries - 

Unsulphured Apricots - 

Goji Berries - used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years, the goji berry is one of my favourite superfoods. A phenomenal source of antioxidants and amino acids, the berry contains twenty vitamins and trace minerals including vitamin c, zinc, riboflavin and iron and is great for strengthening the immune system.

Dates – known as ‘nature’s candy’, fresh dates are soft, smooth and offer a caramel-like sweetness.  As well as their flavor and texture, I love using dates as an instant energy boost, due to high levels of glucose, and their potassium content, which is higher than the banana.  Dates are also full of dietary fibre, iron, vitamin a, magnesium and b vitamins.