The Conscientious Cook

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Nutrient-rich Cakes and Treats for a Healthy Lifestyle - made to order and swiftly delivered to your door.


Free from refined sugar and dairy and made with gluten free ingredients.


I believe that all food should be nutritious and delicious, made with positive ingredients that make you more productive and boost your health.  

I have a sweet tooth and a dairy and gluten intolerance so I set out to create a range of cakes, snacks and treats created from ingredients that are delicious and valuable to your body.  I make all our produce to order and swiftly deliver to your door. I hope they become your ‘go to' indulgence – or do try them for a special occasion - either way, I’d love to help you to enjoy eating well, however busy you are.

Nicky Elliott, The Conscientious Cook



Say No to: refined ingredients and sugars, gluten, dairy, empty calories, artificial sweeteners

Say Yes to: natural sweeteners, ancient grains, seasonal, organic, raw superfoods


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The Conscientious Cook Limited. Registered Address. The Conscientious Cook Kitchen, 26 Elmwood Road, London, SE24 9NU. Reg No:.08942647. Registered in England.