Nutrient Rich Food for a Healthy and Happy Lifestyle


About Nicky Elliott, The Conscientious Cook

I’ve always been passionate about good food and nutrition. I trained and worked as a Cordon Bleu chef for many years but have increasingly looked to find healthier alternatives to traditional ingredients. Having a family has brought this even closer to my heart, so I created the idea for The Conscientious Cook.

It’s been a great adventure and we share our ethos (and our wares) with an ever-growing movement of people who want more positive food. While we’ve been lucky enough to work with lots of glamorous brands and clients, it’s the small, real life changes that make me the happiest: a customer making the switch to coconut oil or discovering how easy it is to substitute refined sugar when baking.

There’s so many new ingredients and ideas to explore and I look forward to sharing them with you!

Our Story

Sweet tooth

I have a sweet tooth - which is a problem when research shows that we aren’t able to process refined sugars, and actually use up vital vitamins and minerals when trying to do so. Continuous consumption of sugar can cause us to age faster and is associated with a range of health issues. 


I wanted to move towards foods with a purpose; foods that have positive benefits for the body in addition to giving energy. I started experimenting in the kitchen looking for alternative ways to sweeten foods. Coconut blossom nectar, raw honey, date syrup and maple syrup quickly became my star ingredients, giving the sweetness I wanted, while delivering valuable nutrients. New recipes followed and once I had perfected these sweet treats I started looking at other areas – family meals, breakfast snacks, vegan alternatives and new ways to add positive health to the day.

Foods with a purpose

We now create, sell and supply a host of sweet and savory dishes and recipe ideas packed with natural ingredients which are both delicious and virtuous. Each guilt-free recipe uses the best ingredients in their most natural state. We avoid all refined ingredients, especially sugar, replacing them with seasonal, organic food, ancient grains, raw and super foods that all have amazing and beneficial effects on the mind and body.

The shop

As well as supplying corporate clients and cafes, our creations are available to buy to enjoy at home. Made to order, our Conscientious Cook wares are perfect for dinner parties, lunch boxes, tea-time snacks and sugar high-free children’s birthdays. Most freeze well, many are portable for a nutritious snack on the go and all are scrumptious and good for you. I hope you enjoy them!

Please get in touch for more details contact Nicky Elliott at or +44 7710 394252