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Vegan Sour Cherry Beanie Brownies

Vegan Sour Cherry Beanie Brownies
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Deliciously gooey these decadent brownies make the perfect gift, a sophisticated taste sensation that blends dense dark chocolate with rock salt and a hint of sour cherry.  The black beans ensure a rich, moist brownie without the gluten – a much-requested dinner party dessert.  

Quantity / Price: 1 box = 6 pieces (£14). 2 boxes = 12 pieces (£20). 3 boxes = 18 pieces (£30) 

We love: Sour cherries because they are bursting with compounds called anthocyanins which are known to work in a similar way to some anti-inflammatories by blocking the activity of certain enzymes that stimulate inflammation.  

Storage: Place in an airtight container in the fridge and they will last up to 5 days, they also freeze beautifully!

Free from: dairy, eggs, nuts and refined sugar. Made with gluten free ingredients.  May contain traces of gluten and nuts

Ingredients: 85% dark chocolate, black beans, GF plain flour, GF baking powder, flaxseed, coconut oil, sour cherry, raw cacao, vanilla, coconut palm sugar, rock salt