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Super Powered Flapjacks

Super Powered Flapjacks
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A satisfyingly filling, healthier take on the traditional English favourite using gluten-free oats and quinoa, they are low GI and packed with complex carbohydrates, protein and vital 'good' fats to help boost your energy levels throughout the day – perfect for snacking on the go, I always have a supply of these in the house 

Quantity:  6 or 12 slices

We love: Quinoa because it is a complete protein that contains all the essential amino acids we need to amke our own proteins.  It is low in carbohydrates and low GI so it releases its energy slowly making it perfect for anyone who wants to stablise their blood sugar levels more effectively

Free from: refined sugar, dairy and egg. Made with gluten free ingredients.

Contains: seeds. May contain traces of gluten and nuts

Storage: place in an airtight container, will last for up to 4 days. 

Ingredients: gluten free oats, olive oil, coconut palm sugar, coconut oil, quinoa, banana, pumpkin seeds, goji berries, raisins, apricots, date syrup, vanilla paste, himalayan salt