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Research shows that the body isn’t able to process refined sugars, and actually uses up vital vitamins and minerals when trying to do so.  Continuous consumption of sugar can cause us to age faster and is associated with a range of health issues.  Over the last two decades, our eating habits and awareness of the benefits and health potential of certain food types has changed enormously.  We have moved towards foods with a purpose, foods that have positive benefits for the body in addition to giving us energy.

I have a sweet tooth and I created The Conscientious Cook in response to my own personal quest for nutrient-rich yet appetising sweet treats.  


It all began in my kitchen where I started experimenting with alternative ways to sweeten foods.  Coconut Blossom nectar, raw honey, date syrup and maple syrup quickly became my star ingredients, giving the sweetness I wanted, while delivering valuable nutrients to the body.  I have used natural ingredients to create a range of cakes, snacks and treats - extensively taste-tested on my friends and family - which are both delicious and virtuous. Each guilt-free recipe uses the best ingredients in their most natural state.  We avoid all refined ingredients, especially sugar, replacing them with seasonal, organic food, ancient grains, raw and super foods that all have amazing and beneficial effects on the mind and body.


My chosen selection, some of which are inspired by classic recipes and some of which are my favourites all have delicious healthy ingredients that are valuable to your body. They have a positive nutritional benefit, not empty-calorie quick fixes that actually deplete your energy resources and can be detrimental to overall health.


Perfect for dinner parties, lunch boxes, tea-time snacks and sugar high-free children’s birthdays, most freeze well, many are portable for a nutritious snack on the go and all are scrumptious and good for you.  I hope you enjoy them!


About Nicky Elliott, The Conscientious Cook

I have always been passionate about good food and nutrition.  I trained and worked as a Cordon Bleu chef for many years but have increasingly looked to find healthier alternatives to traditional ingredients. 

Along the way I’ve been lucky enough to make delicious food for companies with a similar ethos to me, including Jimmy Choo, Jurlique Skincare, the Liz Earle Beauty Co and Louis Vuitton.  I created The Conscientious Cook from home and I’m delighted that we can now share our wares with a wider audience. I welcome private commissions and enjoy creating bespoke menus for special occasions.

Please get in touch for more details contact Nicky Elliott at nicky@theconscientiouscook.co.uk or +44 7710 394252


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